BLFI OPW Lime Mortar Update Athenry

Including Hot-mixed Lime mortar and earth mortars


21st February 2018

Hosted in the OPW Athenry Depot

Tickets can be bought in the shop

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The workshop will be of interest to those specifying or working with mortars for the repair of buildings

It will benefit the architect / mason making the transition into working on heritage structures and serve as an update for those already working in conservation but who may not have used Hot-mixes and earth mortars. It will also be a forum for those wishing to share their understanding of pozzolans and other aids to carbonation and how to test in the field.

Participants should go away knowing:-

• how to interpret an existing mortar

• how to specify a good repair mortar

• the importance of understanding the materials

• how pozzolans enhance hydraulic set

• how to carry out field tests on their projects

Activities will be lead by practitioners and specifiers: Eoin Madigan - Stone Mason, and Lisa Edden - Engineer

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